A Docere Clinics FaceBook post from a patient – I love my work

Dr Adelson, Dixie and Wendy are all amazing! I have had a shoulder tear for 25 years, a torn meniscus in my right knee for 23 years and a torn meniscus in my left knee for 15 years and 2 years ago tore my left even worse and it has not stopped hurting since. I can’t run or even jog, I can’t kneel down and did not want to have surgery as many I know have had infections and blood clots with their surgeries. I am also a very busy person and do not have time to be laid up for any amount of time. I have lived with a lot of pain, lost much sleep waking up all hours of the night for years waiting for something better, hoping my options would change, then I found that stem cell therapy was available and I was so excited. I had first heard about Regenexx. I called and made an appointment, my husband and I went twice, two consulations with them but neither of us felt good about it when we left there either time. I was then very bummed out and didn’t know what to do. All my hope gone. I sat on it for 4 months stewing over it. I was hurting so badly that I knew I needed to do something so once again I started googling and looking up stem cell therapy and found Dr. Adelson at Docere Clinics. I immediately called and Wendy answered the phone, she was so great. Answering question after question for me, I made an appointment for the next week and had my consulation with Dr Adelson and instantly I knew he was the one we were looking for, he is genuine and he cares about helping people, he’s so personable, uplifiting and he is confident in what he is doing. The confidence he expelled in the procedure is what I was looking for. We made an appointment for both knees and my shoulder. He got me in the next week for the lipoaspiration treatment. The procedure was so simple and very little pain. The most appreciated Dr is one that is good with needles, that is Dr Adelson! He knows what he is doing and inflicts very little pain. I didn’t feel any of the numbing shots. It seems so simple. We live in pain every day, suffering and it took a coulple hours total. I had NO PAIN the very next day. To finally feel that relief from the aching and cutting was the most amazing feeling ever. To get a full nights sleep and not have to wake up every 20 minutes because I have to straighten or bend a leg or because my shoulder is aching has been abosolute Heaven! I had constant pain. I can feel my shoulder and knees getting stronger. I am still in the early stages (just four weeks) so I have not done much yet to test strength or agility becauase it’s too early but I can tell there is major improvement aready, I can bend or straighten my legs with no pain. If I can be without pain from here on that in itself is the best success ever. I would do this procedure over and over again. What a blessing it is. Thank you so much Dr. Adelson and all of you at Docere Clinics!!!!!

-Melanie B