What if you could use your own body’s natural resources to enhance your sexual response, strengthen orgasm, and improve sexual pleasure?

Stem Cell Sexual Optimization are regenerative therapies that offer women with sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, low libido and other sexual concerns the opportunity to improve functional potential using stem cell technology.

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Disclaimer: These videos mention the O-shot and the P-shot which are trademarked procedures that are no longer performed by Dr. Killen.

 These therapies are based on the premise that: 1) sexual dysfunction is largely a circulatory issue, and 2) a major mechanism of action of site-specific injection of stem cells is the growth of new, healthy vasculature and thereby a return to adequate circulation.

Any results shared on this website and the videos found on it do not reflect the results or experiences of every patient. Results may vary based upon patient age, medical history and other factors, including the possibility of no improvement. We are in the process of phasing out the use of adipose-derived stem cells and plan to totally discontinue the use of fat by December 2021.








Each woman’s experience is different but many patients report the following:

SCSO for women is a simple office procedure that uses growth factors from platelet-rich plasma with or without fat-derived stem cells or VSELs in the vagina and clitoral tissue. Injections are made after topical anesthetic cream has been applied to minimize discomfort and are surprisingly tolerable.

  • Stronger, more frequent orgasm
  • Increased sexual desire and arousal
  • Smoother skin and tighter vaginal opening
  • Decreased pain during intercourse
  • Increased lubrication Decreased urinary incontinence.


Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells (VSELs)

Very Small Embryonic-Like stem cells (VSELs) are rare, early- development stem cells found in adult tissues. They are not as primitive and unstable as the controversial (and illegal) embryonic stem cells, yet are also believed to be able to differentiate into other cells. Additionally, VSELs release higher levels of telomerase, the enzyme that helps to keep the telomeres longer over time. 


Do you worry when you laugh, cough or jump?  Ladylift by Eufoton is a painless non-ablative vaginal laser that rebuilds natural collagen, tightens the vaginal wall, and significantly reduces the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

“Side effects” of the Ladylift vaginal laser include rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa leading to increased sensation and sexual pleasure, better lubrication, and relief from discomfort associated with menopause – all in a painless, non-invasive procedure that takes less than 5 minutes!

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