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Skin aging takes place on a cellular level so it makes sense to fight those changes at the same level – that’s where regenerative therapies like PRP, bone marrow or fat derived cells, growth factors and VSELs come into play.

Interview with Dr. Amy Killen

At Docere Clinics, we take skin rejuvenation very seriously and offer our patients several different options for creating youthful, healthy, glowing skin using the power of regenerative medicine.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been shown in clinical studies to…

Adipose-Derived Cells, obtained from the patient’s own fat by a mini-liposuction procedure, can be used to further enhance skin rejuvenation. Adipose-Derived Cells are rich in Mesenchymal Cells, which have the ability to bring about diverse regenerative changes in the skin.

Studies in skin rejuvenation show cells and growth factors can…

  • Increase collagen production
  • Improve blood flow to the skin
  • Provide photo-protection to the skin (protects again damaging UV rays)
  • Improve skin hydration and decrease water evaporation seen with aging
  • Increase the thickness and density of the skin dermis
  • Improve wound healing and appearance of scars
  • Our skin rejuvenation procedures are done in our office with topical numbing cream given prior to the procedure.

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Very Small Embryonic-Like Regenerative Cells (VSELs)

Very Small Embryonic-Like regenerative cells (VSELs) are rare, early-development cells found in adult tissues. They are not as primitive and unstable as the controversial (and illegal) embryonic cells, yet are also believed to be able to differentiate into other cells. Additionally, VSELs release higher levels of telomerase, the enzyme that helps to keep the telomeres longer over time. 

Is Regenerative Cell Therapy Right For You?

A consultation by our clinical staff is required before scheduling a procedure to determine if you are a candidate. Click below to see if we are right for you.

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