At this time, stem cell therapy for chronic pain is considered elective. As such, insurance does not cover it. Treatments at Docere Clinics start at $20,000 and increase from there, depending upon the complexity of the treatment. Our staff will help you determine if stem cell therapy is right for you, which treatment(s) we recommend, based upon your needs, and let you know estimated costs.

Stym Clinics

If the Docere Clinics price point is beyond your budget, please check out Stym Clinics to be treated with Dr. Adelson’s method by a nurse practitioner trained by Dr. Adelson. Stym Clinics’ treatments range from $2,000 – $10,000

Tithing Program

If you are living below the poverty line and even the Stym Clinics price point is too high, you may be eligible for the Docere Clinics Tithing Program. One day per month we perform procedures at no charge to the medically underserved.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

A consultation by our clinical staff is required before scheduling a procedure to determine if you are a candidate. Click below to see if we are right for you.