Docere Clinics is the most advanced cell therapy clinic in the world offering the most comprehensive and complex treatments available anywhere.

As such, treatments at Docere Clinics are expensive.

Treatments start at $25,000 and increase from there, depending upon the complexity of the treatment. Our top end treatments come in around $100,000 and the average is between $40,000 and $65,000.

Our prices are higher than other US clinics offering cell therapy. The reason for this is because of our vastly comprehensive approach, the huge volume of product we use, and highly complex procedures such as the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® which is available nowhere else in the world.


Consider the following:


  • Most clinics use one type of stem cell, whereas you have the choice of using cells from your bone marrow and fat OR using massive doses of cells and growth factors from ethically sourced and thoroughly screened donated umbilical cords. These are the same high volumes of cells offered in Central and South America, but they are NOT grown in a lab.
  • All our procedures are done under IV sedation provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthesist. Most clinics don’t even offer sedation as an option; it’s included in our prices. So this to say, our procedures are vastly more complex and as such, more valuable.
  • Most clinics offer one type of needle guidance (ultrasound or fluoroscopy), or none at all. Docere Clinics uses either fluoroscopic needle guidance or ultrasound needle guidance for every injection (depending on which is superior for that particular injection).
  • Most clinics will only treat one or two areas in a single session. Our flagship Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® involves the injection of basically every moving part of the body in a single sitting.


Our staff will help you determine if stem cell therapy is right for you, which treatment we recommend, based upon your needs, and let you know the exact costs for your treatment before you decide to commit.


If this is out of your budget, please scroll down to the next sections to see our other options.

Humanaut Health

Harry Adelson ND and Amy Killen MD of Docere Clinics are bringing you Humanaut Health!
In the spirit of democratization of technology toward the alleviation of human suffering, Humanaut will for the very first time provide the highest caliber of regenerative cell therapy at an affordable price to those suffering from spine and joint pain.
Please visit to receive information as it comes available!

Tithing Program

If you are living below the poverty line, you may be eligible for the Docere Clinics Tithing Program. One day per month we perform procedures at no charge to the medically underserved. We will do procedures at no charge for US combat veterans. Please click below for more info.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

A consultation by our clinical staff is required before scheduling a procedure to determine if you are a candidate. Click below to see if we are right for you.

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