Full-Body Stem Cell Makeover®

Docere Clinics offers the most comprehensive stem cell upgrade ever conceived: The Full-Body Stem Cell Makeover®

When Dr. Adelson first started offering cell procedures in 2010, the people who had heard of it and were most interested in receiving it were ranchers and farmers who were having it done to their horses – large animal veterinarians were the earliest adopters of bone marrow cell therapy. These horse owners saw the results and wanted the same for themselves. These folks had worked hard their entire lives, they had “exceeded the terms of their warranty”, and had arthritis throughout their entire spine and most of their joints as a result. As such, in the early days, Dr. Adelson started doing very large procedures that most doctors wouldn’t even consider doing. He affectionately and half-jokingly referred to these huge treatments as “Full Body Stem Cell Makeovers”.

Then in early 2016, Dave Asprey became a patient of Dr. Adelson and soon his followers followed suit. This new population of patients were people interested in more preventative treatments for the purpose of longevity. These “biohackers” don’t necessarily have arthritis throughout most of their bodies… yet… but they also do not want to ever be limited by pain when they reach old age because pain may not kill you, but it can destroy your quality of life.

This was the birth of the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®.

There are two options for Full-Body Stem Cell Makeover®: the “Two-hands” and the “Four-Hands”, either of which can be performed with "autologous" tissues (cells from the patient's own body) or "allogenic" (cells from umbilical cord).

“Two-Hands“ - autologous versus allogenic

“Two-Hands“: While the patient is comfortably sedated by our anesthesiologist, bone marrow, fat, and blood are harvested and prepared, and then every major musculoskeletal structure is injected by Dr. Adelson. Namely, the entire length of the spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone at every level on both sides as well as all the major peripheral joints (shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs, hips, knees, ankles, and great toes).

For people who do not want to use their own cells (autologous), they have the option of receiving the exact same injections using cells from umbilical cord (allogenic). Because this eliminates the need for tissue harvest from the patient (lipoaspiration and bone marrow aspiration), it dramatically decreases recovery time and therefore is the best choice for those who cannot afford much down time.

“Four-Hands“ - autologous versus allogenic

In addition to the musculoskeletal injections described above, people then have the option of having Amy Killen, M.D. perform all her injections for cosmetic/sexual enhancement (skin of face/neck/hands/scalp, plus vagina/penis) at the same time. The autologous version uses cells from the patients’ own bone marrow, fat, and blood. 

Same as above, the “Four-Hands” can be done entirely with umbilical cord cells, which dramatically decreases recovery time and therefore is the best choice for those who cannot afford much down time.

Ben Greenfield’s Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®

Click Below to listen to Ben Greenfield’s podcast about the Full-Body Makeover®

Full-Body Stem Cell Makeover®

The Stem Cell Theory of Aging states that tissue aging occurs because stem cell populations decline or cease to function.

The Stem Cell Makeovers are for people interested in being proactive. We take stem cells from your bone marrow and place them throughout your entire musculoskeletal system, skin, hair, and sexual organs with stem cells.

Full-Spine Stem Cell Makeover®

Is the injection of stem cells from your own body into every level of your spine, on both sides, from the base of your skull to your tailbone and directly into the spinal canal. Stem cell injections into the intervertebral discs may be performed as needed.

Full-Body Stem Cell Makeover®

Ist he injection of autologous stem cells from your own body into the full spine (as above), AND all major peripheral joints (shoulders, elbow, wrists/hands, hips, knees, ankles/feet), with the option of “Four-Hands” with Amy Killen, M.D. performing her injections for cosmetic/sexual enhancement (skin of face/neck/hands/scalp, plus vagina/penis) and “Six-Hands” with Marcella Madera, M.D. performing her advanced injections of the spinal cord and brain.

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