The Stem Cell Solution documentary

Please enjoy this 60-minute long documentary film created by award-winning filmmaker, Nick Nanton. It is free to watch and documents my adventures as I pioneered my approach to stem cell therapy. It celebrates a small fraction of my many clinical successes with my patients that I hold dear, including celebrity patients such as Dave Asprey, Mark Hyman MD, Vishen Lakhiani, Jim Kwik, and John Gray PhD.

The Stem Cell Solution book

The Stem Cell Solution chronicles my 20+ years of unorthodox education and experience, leading me to become one of the world’s leading stem cell
innovators. While The Stem Cell Solution film goes into the personal successes some of my patients and celebrity patients, The Stem Cell Solution book goes into much more detail about my adventures learning stem cell therapy from the masters in South and Central America, explains my approach to optimal health, and tells of some of my own personal trials and tribulations being at the forefront of a brand new medical field. It is free to download and I hope you enjoy it! 

TEDx Talk

My TEDx talk in Cincinnati, Ohio, discusses the use of bone marrow stem cells for the treatment of chronic lower back pain and lumbar disc pain.


In this 8-part Masterclass, I explain how stem cell treatment eases chronic pain, provides easy-to-use treatment tips, and shares his industry-setting Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®.


With nearly 300 videos, my YouTube channel is dedicated to educating people on the use of stem cell therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.