Arthritis of ankle: Jim's results one year after stem cell therapy by Dr Harry Adelson

Jim discusses his outcome one year after stem cell therapy by Dr Harry Adelson for an arthritic ankle

Knee and shoulder arthritis 4 years after stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Mimi and LJ from Juneau, Alaska describe their outcomes four years after stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson, N.D. for Mimi’s arthritic knees and LJ’s arthritic shoulder

Hip arthritis 2 years after stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson, N.D.

London describes her outcome two years after stem cell therapy for her arthritic hip by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Pro arm-wrestler/ torn elbow tendon 5 years after PRP by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Jim, a professional arm-wrestler, describes his outcomes five years after PRP therapy for a torn tendon in his elbow by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Shoulder pain 1.5 years after bone marrow stem cell therapy

Geoffrey describes his outcome 1.5 years after bone marrow stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson, N.D. for his painful rotator cuff.

Lumbar disc pain 21 months after stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Chris, a former Recon Marine and decorated war hero, describes his outcome almost two years after stem cell therapy for his desiccated (dehydrated) lumbar discs. Bone marrow stem cell injection performed by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Green Beret 1 year after Full Spine Stem Cell Make Over by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Clint, a Green Beret stationed in Florida, describes his outcome a little over one year after his “Full-Spine Stem Cell Make-Over” by Harry Adelson, N.D. for treatment of pain of his entire spine from years of overuse and injury sustained during both training and active duty. I love my work!

Whiplash syndrome/headaches almost 2 years after stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson N.D.

David describes his outcome nearly two years after his stem cell treatment by Harry Adelson, N.D. for his severe neck pain and headaches

Thumb and low back pain 2 years after stem cell therapy by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Patricia from Alaska describes her outcome two years after stem cell therapy for her arthritic thumbs and neck and low back pain by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Chadwick C Prodromos, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon

His clinic is modern, clean and well equipped and his team is first-rate.

More importantly, he is knowledgeable, skilled, and meticulous in his technique – up the highest orthopedic surgical standards. I would certainly feel comfortable referring patients to him. In an era of increasingly assembly-line medicine. I was also impressed that he spent considerable time with his patients. His procedures were performed under sedation and despite a large number of injections, his patients were quite comfortable afterward.

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New York Times
Best Selling Author

When I decided to undergo stem cell therapy for a nagging injury, I put the word out to people I trust to direct me to the best of the best.

Harry Adelson, N.D. was the name that kept coming back to me. The staff members at Docere Clinics are radiantly happy and refreshingly efficient. Dr. Adelson is professional, confident, and caring. Overall, I give Docere Clinics an A+ and enthusiastically recommend them.”

Carrie Diulus, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Given the controversy around stem cell injections, of which I have spoken about for the North American Spine Society, when the opportunity February 2017 presented to spend time with Dr. Adelson in his clinic and procedure room, I entered into it with a healthy level of skepticism.

I am a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon. Dr. Adelson demonstrated that he is very careful and thoughtful. He has a solid knowledge of anatomy and demonstrated that he is well trained as relates to spinal injection. He is safe from a procedural standpoint as well as his sterile technique. Since that time we have discussed mutual patients and I have gone as far as refer friends to him for stem cell treatments.

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Cardiovascular Surgeon

Dr. Harry Adelson is one of the most astute and innovative physicians I have ever met in my forty-five years in medicine, general surgery, cardio vascular and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Adelson has been one of the trail blazers of regenerative medicine over the past almost decades. his keen and curios mind led him to curios, often obscure, clinics in Brazil and other places. where he spent on end in apprenticeship trying to learn and unlock the secrets of autologous body tissues, healing their own body pathologies.”

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Klee Bethel, M.D.

Pain Management

I am the medical director of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Pain Relief Center(PRC) in Tempe, Arizona.

I am also the chief of the medical staff at Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital in Mesa, AZ. I have known Harry Adelson, N.D. for ten years. In the past few years, i have observed Dr. adelson performing autologous steam cell procedures at my PRC.”

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Edward Magaziner, M.D.

Regenerative Pain Management

I have known Dr. Adelson on a professional level for approximately 10 years. I have found him to be a well-respected physician by many medical physicians and surgeons in the field of regenerative medicine, and I have observed him on many occasions lecturing at our National Society Meetings on the topic, and performing as an instructor there as well on regenerative medicine techniques to dozens of other medical physicians, surgeons, and osteopaths”.

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Board of Counselors, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

My experience with Dr. Adelson is that he considers patient safety above all else.

He has made every effort to receive the highest level of training available and takes all necessary precautions to ensure patient safety.”

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Joseph J. Albano, M.D.

Regenerative Orthopedics

I have known Harry for around eight years and have found him to be one of those quality physicians who practice exceptional medicine.

He has been nothing short of professional. Over the years, I have sent many patients to Harry in consultation for spine problems.”

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Marcella Madera, M.D.


I had the pleasure of observing Dr. Adelson recently in his office and in procedures.

As a Johns Hopkins spine fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, I was impressed with his technical abilities and patient successes with a range of degenerative conditions.”

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Robert Alexander, M.D.

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

In my experiences with Dr. Adelson, I have found that he is a diligent and competent practitioner.

His Awareness of sterile protocol and patient care issues is considered excellent. He has high-quality communication skills with both practitioners and patients alike, meeting a high standard of care.y.”

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Mark Berman, M.D.

Cosmetic Surgery And Stem Cell Specialist

Please be advised that Dr. Adelson is an esteemed member of the Cell Surgical Network (CSN).

CSN, developed in 2012, serves as a network for the advancement of autologous stem cell therapy. Recognizing that the current clinical status of cell therapy is investigative.”

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Ben Greenfield

Author / Fitness Trainer

“When it comes to recovery and body-upgrading therapies, especially in aging individuals, Full Body Stem Cell Makeover beats out the others in my experience. Old injuries melt away, new injuries heal faster, and the cosmetic and sexual effects are pretty handy, too”

Kelly Hiatt

After doing a lot of research and traveling from Northern Colorado I had stem cell injections in both of my knees and lower back.

I am only a few days out from my procedure on Halloween 2017 but I am feeling like a new person. Dr. Adelson and his entire staff were fantastic. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking into this type of therapy.”

Stephan Spencer


I’ve had some great results from having the stem cell procedure.

People tell me that I look younger and I never get tired of hearing that”

 Dr. Ari Kantor

Thank you Dr. Adelson and staff. It is getting close to two months since my stem cell procedure and I am improving by the day.

I am able to sit longer and walk with much less discomfort, fewer pain episodes, in comparison to my pre-stem cell procedure. I have already recommended Dr. Adelson and his wonderful staff to some of my own patients and will continue to do so. I am very impressed with Dr. Adelson’s commitment for accurate delivery of stem cells to the necessary anatomical landmark via imaging, and to be able to treat disc-related conditions.

Thank you so much and I plan to see you next year for a repeat.”

Monique McKenna

I saw Dr. Adelson in April 2015 for stem cell therapy for a torn meniscus in my right knee.

I was in excruciating pain, so am very pleased that I now live pain-free and am able to wear heels! ( prior to Stem Cell Therapy, was not possible). After about a year I noticed the psoriasis in my scalp was clearing. This was something I have had with my entire life and at times was embarrassed to go out. I am now psoriasis free and realized that this was in response to the stems cells. I am so thankful to Dr. Adelson for his kind and caring manner and the results that I am pain-free and no longer live with the embarrassment of flaking scalp covered in scales, which was also affecting hair loss. I highly recommend Dr. Adelson, Docere Clinic.

Stanton Jones

I had horrible tendonitis in both elbows that made it difficult to pick up even a stapler.

Tried resting it, PT sessions, deep tissue heat, acupuncture and deep manipulation….nothing worked to improve the tendonitis pain. Then I went to Docere Clinic and consulted with Dr. Harry Adelson. He put platelets into my tendonitis and that was the start of my relief and recovery. Dr. Adelson is really good. He knows the body…and works quick and efficiently. I was surprised how easy it was to get the platelets and grateful how effective they were to start my healing. I will return to Docere Clinics to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Adelson.

Debi Williams

Life-Changing and for the better!!! I struggled for many years in pain with no options other than “surgery” with no guarantee.

I would recommend them to anyone that does their own research to see if it is an option for them. I knew in my heart it was for me and NEVER have I regretted it.

Dave Asprey

"I choose Docere Clinics for my own stem cell procedures, as well as for my entire family. Dr. Adelson is the real deal! I'm impressed with his enthusiasm for learning, his dedication to improving his skills, and his devotion to the wellbeing of his patients"

Jennifer Heisler

My husband received a stem cell treatment back in September, he had traumatic Meniere's disease which caused him to have severe dizzy spells, severe nausea and a very limited range of motion in his neck, he was told by our Canadian Dr’s that there was nothing they could do for him and he would have to live with it for the rest of his life, he is only 34 yrs old.

Since the treatment, he has not had a single dizzy spell and no nausea and he can actually turn his head from side to side…thank you dr.adelson and team for giving me husband back, I will be forever grateful.

Cork Beth Howells

I think Dr. Adelson, the staff are great. I received stem cells for Parkinson’s one week ago today and can’t believe the results tremors are better and he without spilling the food all over.

And can do the small things that were so hard to do with Parkinson’s like the simple thing of buttoning a button. Everyone says I look so much different my eyes are clear. And I just feel so much better. This is just after one week. Hopefully, it will continue to get better as I go along. Dr. Adelson and his staff are so friendly really concerned about their patients. I am really thankful that I went to him

Ella Gauthier

Life-Changing and for the better!!! I struggled for many years in pain with no options other than “surgery” with no guarantee.

I would recommend them to anyone that does their own research to see if it is an option for them. I knew in my heart it was for me and NEVER have I regretted it.

Debi Williams

The stem cell procedure was a walk in the park compared to invasive back surgery.

I was in and out in an hour. I felt a little bit uncomfortable afterward but nothing painful. I feel great and back doing the activities I love; hiking, biking, and swimming. I am impressed with Dr. Adelson and his staff and grateful for his professional approach to a healthy, natural alternative in healing a back injury.

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