Cell Therapy

At Docere Clinics, patients have the option of either using cells and growth factors from their own bodies (autologous) OR from donated placentas and umbilical cords that have been thoroughly screened and ethically sourced (allogeneic).


From Your Own Body; Autologous

Bone marrow and fat tissue from one’s own body contain mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are known as “patient-specific drug stores for injured tissues” because of their broad range of healing abilities. MSCs are directly responsible for healing damaged tissues after injury. Upon encountering damaged tissue, they release proteins that decrease inflammation, kill invading microbes, and trigger the growth of new connective tissues and blood vessels.

Blood from one’s own body contains Very Small Embryonic Stem Cells (VSELs), newly discovered cells that possess intriguing properties. While they are completely inactive and “hibernating” when found in normal whole blood or platelet rich plasma, they can be photobiomodulated (zapped with a very specific laser) in order to morph them into an activated form. 


From Birth Tissues; Allogeneic

 Patients have the option to use cells and growth factors from birth tissues, specifically from umbilical cords that have been thoroughly screened and ethically sourced. We do not use embryonic cells or fetal cells, never have, never will. We source cells and growth factors from New Life Regenerative Medicine, a true leader in the field.

We are able to achieve very high doses of umbilical cord cells (up to 100 million MSC’s), similar to what people travel to South and Central America to receive. The difference is that the cells we use are “naive” (meaning fresh), not culture expanded (meaning grown in a lab). Growing cells in a lab dramatically reduces the cost to the patient (which is the only reason to travel abroad), however the long term effects of growing cells in a lab are not known. Even if we COULD use culture expanded cells (we cannot in the US), we would not. Naive cells are more expensive, but in our opinion, preferred.

While cell therapy shows promise in the rapidly growing body of scientific data, it has yet to be definitively proven to be effective.

Based on full-time bone marrow and fat tissue cell therapy experience since 2010 and regenerative medicine experience since 2002, we are very careful to only work with patients that we think we have a chance of helping. Namely, patients who are in overall good health who suffer from chronic pain caused by damaged or degenerated musculoskeletal tissues (such as joints, spine, or ligaments), that is not “too far gone”. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE do we ever treat any systemic disease, genetic disorder, autism, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.

While we have helped many people, there are people we have worked with that we have not helped at all. Our experience is that overall, we help more people than we don’t help, but there is nothing about bone marrow and fat tissue cell therapy that is either a “miracle” or a “cure”.

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Interview with Bulletproof Radio

These podcasts with Dave Asprey will answer any remaining questions you may have. Please note, these interviews are old and contain discussions of some things no longer used at Docere Clinics due to changes in the regulatory environment, as well as some very old price quotes… we provide these podcasts with “The Father of Biohacking” for educational purposes only.

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