At Docere Clinics, we love people, and we love our work. We strive above all else to listen to you without interrupting or judging, teach you about the cause of your pain, provide you with the highest quality stem cell procedure available, and just as importantly, make you laugh and feel relaxed and among friends. Here are the reasons we believe we are best suited to perform your procedure:


We genuinely like people. We recognize you first as a human being, and next as our boss. We understand that you are the very person that pays us to provide you with a service and the reason we’re in business. Our reception area is NOT a ‘waiting room’. We believe that your time is just as valuable as is ours, so we make every effort to stay on time. Next, we spend ample time with you in order to fully understand your condition and not rush procedures. We never over-book or double-book our day.

Our strengths are our capacity to really listen to you without interrupting or judging, our procedural skills, our adherence to safety protocols, our close follow-up, and our ability to make people laugh and relax. We’re providing you with a medical procedure, but we feel strongly that we also provide you with a positive human interaction. Since 2002, we have performed well over 20,000 regenerative injection therapy procedures on over 10,000 patients and enjoy a very high patient satisfaction rate. Please see our YouTube page to see what over 200 people have to say about us.


The next item to consider is needle-guidance; does the stem cell doctor use imaging to place the needle? If you are going to go through the financial and emotional commitment of having a bone marrow and/or fat aspiration, you want to be absolutely certain the stem cells get injected precisely into the target location. This requires imaging. Dr Adelson uses imaging for 100% of the procedures he performs; ultrasound for soft tissues (i.e. rotator cuff, Achilles, 

plantar fascia, etc) and fluoroscopy (X-ray) for bone marrow aspiration and injection of joints and spine.


If you are researching doctors to perform your adult stem cell therapy procedure, the first item to evaluate is the doctor’s experience in the field of regenerative medicine. Dr Adelson opened Docere Clinics in 2002 and since day one, his practice has been 100% regenerative injection therapy procedures for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions. He began performing platelet rich plasma (PRP) in 2006, and adult stem cell procedures in February of 2010, 

placing him among the very early doctors providing these therapies. Since 2010, his practice has been 100% adult stem cell procedures for chronic pain conditions. He has performed over 6,000 adult stem cell procedures that have produced zero adverse outcomes and many satisfied patients. This places him solidly among the most experienced in the world with adult stem cell procedures for the treatment of pain.


Because adult stem cell therapy for chronic pain is considered experimental, insurance does not pay for it; it is a ‘cash procedure’. Since Docere Clinics opened in 2002, we have been a ‘cash-based practice’ and have never billed insurance. The reason for this is that our philosophy is that we want to work for YOU, not for an insurance company. This means we have always offered and performed the treatments that we deem best and agree upon, rather than only what insurance companies deem they will pay for. 

Most clinics that offer adult stem cell therapies for chronic pain transitioned to a ‘cash-based practice’ from ‘insurance-based practice’. Because these clinics were originally designed and structured based on a traditional high-volume, insurance-based model, they have large facilities and large support staff. Subsequently, their cash prices are frequently very high in order to pay for their large overhead. Because we have been a ‘cash-based’ practice since day one, our low overhead allows us to charge far less without compromising quality. Our having never billed insurance offers an additional advantage to you: unlike many of our colleagues, we are not burned out on medicine. Physician burn-out is at a record high. The reason? Insurance billing. We love our work and we find our patients a pleasure to work with.

Praise From Our Patients

Watch Their Success Stories...

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof Nutrition Inc

Green Beret

Stationed in Florida


Los Angeles

Dave Asprey describes his outcome one year after stem cell therapy for his low back, knee, and shoulder pain by Harry Adelson, N.D. This video was filmed right after Dr. Adelson performed stem cell procedures on Dave’s mom and dad.

A Green Beret stationed in Florida, describes his outcome a little over one year after his “Full-Spine Stem Cell

Make-Over” by Harry Adelson, N.D. for treatment of pain of his entire spine

from years of overuse and injury sustained during both training and active duty.

I love my work!

Jeanine describes her outcome after her ‘full body make-over’ will stem cells. A high-level athlete, Jeanine had many aches and pains throughout her entire body. She describes her outcome nearly one year after a very extensive, full-body treatment by Harry Adelson, N.D.

Docere's Response to COVID-19

Your safety and well-being are paramount to us, as is the safety and well-being of our employees. While many questions regarding the novel coronavirus remain unanswered at this time, Docere Clinics continues to closely monitor the situation and are adapting our policies and procedures in this dynamic environment.  We’re following CDC guidelines and are fully committed to protecting and safeguarding both our patients and our employees, while also continuing to provide exceptional and uninterrupted service to our patients.


In order to keep you, our team, and the shared clinic environment safe, we have adopted the following policies and procedures:


Employee & Patient Safety

We want our employees and our patients to take care of themselves and their loved ones. With this in mind, we have mandated that our employees report any possible virus exposure to their manager, including if they or someone they have come in contact with begins to demonstrate any of the following symptoms:




Runny Nose & Sneezing

Cough & Sore Throat

Difficulty Breathing

Muscle Pain & Weakness

Chills & Fatigue

Impaired Liver & Kidney Function


Any Docere Clinics employee exposed to the virus will be required to immediately take sick leave. After any absence, the employees must contact their manager for approval to return to work. Depending on the situation, a doctor’s note may be required before returning. 


We are enforcing mandatory self-health assessments, including temperature checks, for all employees prior to each shift. We are also requiring employees to wear protective gear, including face masks and scrubs, at all times.


We are also maintaining social distancing, by using appropriate signage and limiting the number of patients/visitors in our office. 


Patient Appointments

Before any patient comes onsite for an appointment, the patient will be required to complete a health screening questionnaire. If the patient poses any health or safety risk, their procedure will be canceled or postponed. 


We are also performing temperature checks on all patients/visitors and asking that our patients/visitors also wear face masks, which we will provide for those who need them.


Restricted Travel

We are doing our part by prohibiting employee travel to any CDC designated Level 3 areas for work or personal reasons as well as the European travel ban. We are also screening patients for any travel to CDC designated Level 3 areas.


Personal Health & Office Cleanliness

Docere Clinics is a sterile surgical environment due to the type of procedures we perform. We encourage everyone to wash their hands often, use hand sanitizer, avoid shaking hands or touching others, avoid touching their face, seek medical care early, avoid large groups and limit personal travel unless necessary.


Our cleaning services have also increased frequency cleaning of all high contact surfaces, including but not limited to:

Entry door opening pulls and push panels, and Exit buttons

Sinks and water faucet handles

Toilet seats and towel dispensers

Elevator wall panel buttons and control panels/buttons

Stair railings


Uninterrupted Service

To date, Docere Clinics remains open. Docere Clinics is a small business with less than 10 employees/patients on site at any given time. As new information is released, we will share it with you and consider the implementation of other policies and guidelines as new developments occur. It is a challenging time and we're taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for both our patients and employees. We stand ready to assist you in navigating this public health challenge and furthering the well-being of all individuals.


Should you wish to discuss this issue or have any questions, please let us know.


Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

A consultation by our clinical staff is required before scheduling a procedure since not all patients are candidates for stem cell treatments. Click below to see if you qualify...

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